General Catalog 

You may view and search the general catalog online. The general catalog contains information about admissions procedures/policies, degree requirements, course descriptions, academic policies, and more. Students are assigned a catalog year in accordance with the catalog year policy. A student’s catalog year determines which academic requirements they are required to meet for their degree/major/minor/option to be awared.

Past Catalogs

Catalogs are archived and available in PDF format in ScholarsArchives@OSU.

Catalog Update Submission Deadlines

Information in the online OSU General Catalog may be updated anytime. It is updated as curriculum proposals are approved throughout the year. Please email or campus-mail hard copy updates to the catalog coordinator, Larry Bulling, in the Registrar’s Office, B102 Kerr Administration Building.

The catalog coordinator emails annual update requests to all departments, schools, colleges, and other units in November. Updates are due in January. First, second and third proofs will be emailed back to updaters as needed for approval in February and March.

PDFs of the official printed version of the OSU General Catalog for the coming academic year are posted in ScholarsArchives@OSU on April 15.

Printed copies of the catalog are available via print-on-demand orders through OSU Printing and Mailing.