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About the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Oregon State University's strengths in earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences are global in scope, ranging from coastal ocean dynamics and their impact on ocean ecosystems, to the study of undersea volcanoes and their link to plate tectonics, to how changes in Earth's continents affected ancient climates.

The College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences also includes internationally known faculty with expertise in high-latitude ice sheets, glaciers, climate change, plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, snowpack, hydrology and water resources, mineral deposits, cartography and geographic information systems.

OSU is internationally recognized as a leader in the study of the Earth as an integrated system.


Degree Programs

The college has numerous undergraduate, and graduate majors, both with a variety of minors.

Number of Students

The number of students fluxuates year to year, check out the most up to date numbers.

Faculty & Staff Contacts

Contact information for professional staff and faculty.

Career Contacts

Dave Dickson, the Internship Coordinator for the college, sends out job/internship/experiential learning opportunity announcements to students on a regular basis. Contact him to share your employment opportunities.

Updates, News, Announcements & Connecting With Students

Created by the college are up to date featured articles related to the field of earth, oceanic and atmospheric sciences within the university and beyond. Also, Making Waves is a weekly publication created by the college that includes information and notices about seminars, events, college-wide news, achievements or opportunities for faculty, staff and students. Contact the Internship Coordinator to see if your information could be included.

New Degrees

In 2011, the merging of the geosciences program with the old College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences created a new Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences.

Clubs & Organizations

Geo Club is the main club within the CEOAS, which is encouraged by the college as a way to get involved and network.

Accomplishments & Innovations

The annual Research Highlights publication recognizes the research accomplishments of many faculty and research members as well as students. The expertise and research of this college is also outlined in the Proof Points produced by the university. Proof of CEOAS's innovation and accomplishments is the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory, which has produced a wide variety of valuable information, for not only the college but professionals across the world.

Mentoring Programs

The college produces many research programs that match students with faculty mentors to enhance their learning.


Nationally, OSU is a leader in oceanic and atmospheric sciences and is high in the rankings for geosciences.

Additional Prep for the Future

The CEOAS provides many fun outreach opportunities for students to get involved in hands on experience.

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